Your clients are never far from Avis' world-class service - even when traveling abroad. Avis can provide your clients with someone trained to resolve travel hassles, a traveler message center, personalized itineraries, critical information on customs, exchange and licensing and even free cell phones.

Avis European Driving Guide
Going to Europe? Find the information you need from your trusted car rental provider.
Avis On Call
Whether you rent in the U.S. or abroad, avoid travel hassles by staying connected to a trained Avis agent. Get exclusive telephone assistance service offered only to Avis renters while on the road in 25 countries (18 in Europe) via toll-free telephone numbers.
Avis Know Before You Go
Be prepared for your next trip with up-to-the-minute information on customs, currency exchange, driving license requirements, and more. View list of countries and call ahead.
Avis Message Center
Get 24/7 international round-the-clock leave-and-retrieve messages. Offered in 25 countries worldwide via special toll-free numbers for each country.
Avis 3-Minute Promise
A speed guarantee for Avis Preferred® members renting in Europe; renters will get in and out in three minutes - or receive a retail voucher valued at up to $45.
Personally Yours Itineraries
Plan your next driving trip with this easy-to-use, customized travel itineraries created for popular driving tours in Europe, Mexico and South Africa.