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Avis Personally Yours introduces a collection of 21 free, unique pre-printed itineraries created for popular driving tours in Europe, Mexico and South Africa. Each itinerary covers a region by featuring its distinctive historic, cultural and scenic highlights and is based on recent drives using up-to-date information.
  • Australia
    Touring the Northern Territory
    Self Drive Tours from Perth
  • Britain/Scotland
    • Bath & The Cotswolds - Tour central England.
      The Scottish Highlands - One of the last great wilderness areas in Europe.
    • Britain's Great Gothic Cathedrals & Southern Coast - Bloomsbury, The English Navy and the medieval pilgrimages are within the realm of this drive, which also manages to give you a taste of English seaside resorts, megaliths and Norman architecture
    • Scottish Highlands - One of the last great wilderness areas in Europe. Long distances between towns and enormous landscapes mean that a driving vacation is the perfect way to see them.
  • France
    • Cote D'Azur - Driving tour of the magical French coastline along the Mediterranean.
    • Loire Valley Ch�teaux & Burgundy - The Loire Valley is celebrated for its beauty, for the important role it has played in French history as well as its splendid wine.
    • Normandy and Brittany - Visually splendid combination of rolling agricultural land, sandy beaches and classic French port towns. Travel in the heart of France.
    • Cathedrals, Chateaux and Champagne - You'll make a grand circle around Paris, visiting cathedrals and the great ch�teaux, as well as tasting the finest champagne in the world.
    • Rhône-Alpes Region - In the Rh�ne-Alpes region, you can spend your days walking in flowerfilled alpine meadows, lazily soaking in Evian water, or strolling the medieval marketplace of Annecy.
    • Nice to Paris - This route cuts an extraordinary swath through France, from the palm-tree-lined beaches of the C�te D'Azur to the chic boulevards of Paris.
    • The Riviera: France & Italy - The Riviera stretches eastward from the bustling port of Marseille and down the coast of Italy to Viareggio.
    • Gourmand Tour of France - Burgundy, Lyon & The Rh�ne Valley
  • Switzerland
    • Genvena and the Alps - From the terraced vineyards and palm trees of the Swiss Riviera to the spectacular profile of the Matterhorn, this drive takes in the best of the Swiss and French Alps.
  • Belgium
  • Italy
    • Northern Lakes to the Adriatic & Tuscany - From the chic boulevards of Milan to the palaces of the Renaissance, this tour offers the best of northern Italy.
    • Naples, Rome and Florence - In pursuit of volcanoes, temples and the glories of the renaissance.
    • Tuscany - A drive through Tuscany is a chance to explore sun-drenched towns like Pienza and Montepulciano.
    • Scenic Drives in Umbria - A landscape of vineyards and fortified towns rich in Renaissance art and architecture
    • Rome, Umbria & Florence - With the grand cities of Rome and Florence as bookends, this promises to be a true immersion in the best of Italian life, food and culture.
  • Germany/Czech Republic
  • Spain/Portugal
    • Northern Spain - Travel south from Madrid to Burgos and Bilbao, then east and south to Zaragoza and Barcelona.
    • Southern Spain - South from Madrid through Andalucia.
    • Lisbon to the Algarve - For anyone interested in Baroque art, Moorish castles and secluded beaches, this is a perfect journey.
  • South Africa
    • Cape Town, wine country and garden route - From the sublime beauty of cosmopolitan Cape Town to the southern right whales breaching off Hermanus, this drive offers something for the sophisticate and the nature lover.
  • Mexico
    • Yucat�n Peninsula - From the white sand beaches and steep Mayan pyramids to towns filled with colonial architecture, Mexico's Yucat�n Peninsula is one of the most compelling destinations south of the border.

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    To obtain a hard copy of the elegant and useful Personally Yours itineraries (for Europe only), please call Avis at 1-800-698-5674 from anywhere in the United States.