For Preferred® Members
As you know, the Avis Preferred service offers members a streamlined car rental experience with many benefits to the end customers. *In Europe, Avis has taken this service one step further and is the only car rental company in the European market to offer what is called the: 3-MINUTE PROMISE


  • When the Avis Preferred member enters the Avis rental premises in *Europe he or she must first go to the rental counter; the Preferred member is given the choice of testing the Avis Promise by starting a stopwatch or retrieving a timed ticket from the machine.
  • The rental agent will scan the ticket or stop the stopwatch when handing the keys over, which then stops the clock. If the machine ticket is used the time elapsed will be displayed on a flat screen on the counter. If time elapsed is greater than 3 minutes, the rental agent confirm renter's voucher eligibility, and using a web interface orders a retail voucher.
  • U.S. and Canadian based renters who are eligible will receive a retail voucher valued at up to $45.
  • The Promise is offered at more than 500 participating locations in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. (Additional countries will be added in the near future).
  • *Preferred members picking up at London Heathrow Airport or Lyon Airport in France who choose to take advantage of the promise must first go to the counter; if they choose not to participate they simply proceed directly to the Avis car.
  • Avis Preferred members holding an advanced Avis Preferred reservation (i.e. no walk-ins, not eligible if reservation is made through a 3rd party who does not provide the renter's Avis Preferred number).
  • Renter's Profile must be up to date, including all credit card details.
  • Promise does not cover any changes to the advance reservation at the station which require a re-printing of the rental agreement.